Sebastian Parks

As I told myself i would, I’ve been getting out and having some new experiences.

Last night I went to Tabu and saw a drag king show, which is something I had never seen before.  What I most enjoyed was seeing the different types of people who came out to see the show and how excited they were.  It is so refreshing being around people who express themselves, whether through fashion, words, or attitude and are accepting of others.  It makes not want to be around the the other community of the world, which i guess is called the general public.  The performances were something I wasn’t expecting.  I did now know how sexual they would be.  I loved that.  Of course, as a performer it’s hard to watch any type of performance and not think what you would do differently, but I still enjoyed myself…. and my $1 whiskey drinks.  #twisted


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had an experience I did not appreciate on the same day.  I work at a retail store on Walnut Street which will remain nameless.  My manager pulled my aside and told me, after moths of wearing it, that I can no longer wear nail polish.

What started it all

Before I continue, let me just say…. I know it’s just nail polish, but the polish is not the point.

What I told my manager:

I cannot accept that as an option.  I wear nail polish on a day to day basis, if our store hand guide had a general rule of no nail polish, I would understand.  But, what you are telling me is that because i am a man, I cannot wear the polish.  You want me to conform to the image society has created for men and I do not want to do that.

What my manager said:

Sometimes you just have to conform. It’s not part of our brand.

What I said:

I’m not accepting that, I will continue to wear my nail polish.

What manager said:

Okay, don’t tell anyone about this conversation.  I’ll get in touch with HR so you can talk to them.

What I said:

Do that.


What my friend said after telling her this story:

There’s Rosa Parks & then there’s Sebastian Cummings



  1. Good for you for standing your ground! That is so frustrating and upsetting. I hope you are able to make a difference or at least make a point! That almost seems like something you could sue for (not that I’m a sue-happy person, but you have to protect yourself). Be sure to keep track of all documentation and conversations in case you need it for HR or in the future. You have gorgeous nails that deserve to be painted!


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