The Gambling Room

So, I have been rehearsing for a play…. and you should come see it!

The play is called The Gambling Room, it’s with Hella Fresh Theater, a company I have worked with twice in the past.  John Rosenberg is a local playwright and director and The Gambling Room is his latest masterpiece.

We have been work-shopping the play, so the process has been an interesting one. We’ve gone through about 4 or 5 scripts at this point.  My character, Sherman, has become a very strange, interesting man along the process and I am excited to share him with everyone.

I’m very excited to be working with my costars, Dan Tobin & Calvin Atkinson.  It’s nice to work with other young talent.

Gambling Room Color 1963

Here’s some more info about the play:

Hella Fresh Theater presents

The Gambling Room

(Phòng Giải Trí/ Salle de Jeux)

Reeling from the death of their father, two young Americans attempt a coup d’état from a rooftop in Saigon. John and Jack, rising stars in the US diplomatic corps carry out their father’s final command- meet the embattled President of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem and furnish him with a list of American journalists to be silenced. Risking their lives and charges of treason, the brothers vie for glory, prestige and their father’s immortality. Set in the fall of 1963, the tumultuous days leading to the falls of Presidents, The Gambling Room witnesses the end of a diplomat’s family and the birth of a new era in Vietnam.

Starring Dan Tobin, Calvin Atkinson and Sebastian Cummings. Written and directed by John Rosenberg.

John Rosenberg has written and directed Alp’D Huez, Automatic Fault Isolation, Queen of All Weapons, Californian Redemption Value, Jericho Road Improvement Association and Use Both Hands.

“An impetuous playwright who takes a radical approach to independent Philly theater.” City Paper.

The Gambling Room runs May 18th through June 9th at the Papermill Theater in Kensington, USA.

All shows are Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

Press comps available for May 18th and 19th shows. Tickets are $10.

The Papermill Theater, at 2825 Ormes Street is located a few blocks from Kensington and Lehigh Avenues in the Papermill Arts Collective. The Papermill Arts Collective is a five-story warehouse featuring artist workspace, an art gallery, a community library and a fifty-seat theater.There is free street parking. For public transportation, take the Market Frankford line to the Huntington Stop.

For more information and tickets, visit or call 510-292-6403.


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