Getting Things Started

I recently performed at The Balcony Bar Buffet, a fundraiser for the Phreak N Queer Arts & Music Festival.  I had less rehearsal time this go round and new material, so I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous.  I was also wearing wedges on a rug/carpet covered stage. (dangerous/twist an ankle/no turns for me)  Everything came together and the performance was great!  I love going to events like these and performing.  Performing is the best thing in life.  I do, however, feel bad at times because when I am backstage I am warming up and I can’t really socialize, I’m clearing my thoughts so I can stay as focused as possible and I lose out on the social aspect of things a lot.  But, I guess it’s like they say on all those competition shows, “I’m not here to make friends.”

I feel like each of these little performances is a warm up to a much larger “thing”.  Everyday I feel myself getting closer to this “thing.”  I want to badly to have a giant outdoor arena stage where I can put together a show and kill it!  I’m talking superbowl halftime show shit.  I’m talking Beyonce is impressed shit.  I’m talking I start getting letters from the Illuminati shit!  Everyday it’s all I see.  I walk down the street listening to my music and in my mind I’m on stage in front of thousands of people.  These smaller performances are just not enough.  I need more.

It’s weird because now that I have started performing on a regular basis, a lot of my old friends are nowhere to be found.  Being “busy” does nothing for me either, because honey, I’m busy and I still make time for things. I have a full time job, two plays, my personal performances and rehearsal, and life. It’s not as upsetting as it is dissapointing.  Where do these people go?  I guess everyone is too consumed with their own lives.  Someone probably feels this way about me.

I’ve also been playing around with my look.  “Everyone Has The Right To Glam.”  Just because i am wearing a wig and makeup does not mean I am in drag.  It means I got glammed up, because I too like being pretty.  I am in no way trying to be a woman.  I am me…. If I had long hair and natural contouring.  I like having the freedom to do whatever I want to do and I wish everyone would do the same.

SHADE: acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend

I’m feeling it, I don’t like it.

Coming up for me…

June 8, 2013

Homecoming 2013
Each year, William Way LGBT Community Center’s Homecoming celebrates the community and the talented and passionate individuals that make it fabulous, all on the evening before Philly PRIDE. us welcome you “home” for an evening of great food and drink, live entertainment, and a spectacular silent auction.

Our Emcees Miss Mary Wanna and the Notorious OMG are excited to present a diverse array of talents, from drag to dance to voice, and beyond! The line-upincludes:

The Goddess Isis
Brittany Lynn
Philly Roller Girls
Tammy Faymous
Omyra Lynn’s Vicious Delicious
Icon Ebony-Fierce
Cleo Phatra
Bridgette Jones
Meg Foley (2012 Pew Fellow, choreographer, and dancer)
and more!

Includes Mediterranean buffet dinner and Open Bar.


FReAK BoUTIqUE PNQ fundraiser w/ TRPKRKR
Ladies, Gents, Geighs and Queers, Freak Boutique has gotten Phreakier!!Freak Boutique presents Phreak N’ Queer fundraiser!

(and it’s free)

Make sure you join us as we give you the ULTIMATE booty bass dance party and the best show you will see on PRIDE WEEKEND! Wanna shake your booty with some REALNESS?

Evil V & TAY TAY will give you some booty bass, bitch, hip hop, street realness on the 1’s & 2’s there’s a dance floor so use it or lose it!

Guest DJ will be TRPKRKR who will give you something not safe for your work or your drawls hunny!

PERFORMANCES BY SEBASTIAN! Recording artist, fierce ass performer, dance queen diva realness will give you a show that will blow your mind. If you don’t know, you will know.

Of course we want you to DRINK!! 15% of the bar sales goes to PNQ so take advantage of it!!

$5 City Wides all night!! (PBR Pounder & Jim Bean)

NO COVER!!! (really, it’s free)


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