What should I do?

Recently, I have been experiencing people telling me what I should be doing in a given situation.

Advice is not something I take from just anyone.  So, as you can imagine this is not going well.

I’ve come across a little problem myself and maybe these people would like to chime in and tell me what I should do….

What should I do?

I’ve been sexually involved with a man who told me recently (very recently) that the reason we only hook up when he wants to is because he is not attracted to me and doesn’t feel like hooking up with me, but occasionally I will suffice.   He says “I don’t owe it to you to get you off.”  This coming from the same person who also recently told me (this was less recent) I don’t like kissing you when we hook up and so he does not….. unless he feels like it.

Why someone feels they can open their f**king mouth and say some shit like that to me, me…. I will never understand.  Even if you thought that bull sh*t, don’t you dare open your mouth and say it to me casually in conversation.  Have some F**king respect.  If your goal was to make me feel cheap… you almost got me.  Also, for someone who doesn’t want it… you sure seem to want it.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows this did not go well.  But, since everyone knows more about my life than I do… please tell me exactly what I should do.

(I just know if a man said this to a woman, there would be the biggest uproar ever)

What should I do?

I’ve recently been told I am difficult in the rehearsal process because I open my mouth and speak my mind.  Now, one thing we agreed upon, is that I have never said anything rude or in a rude way…. but I am difficult.  An example of why:  “maybe a director doesn’t want to hear what you have to say about a note, he just wants you to do it.”  Maybe this director cast the wrong person.  I do my job, I’ve never heard a complaint about my acting before…. If I’m feeling something about what you are saying… I will let you know in a respectful way.  That is that.

But, clearly i do not know what I am doing.  So, please tell me what I should do.

What should I do?

What should i do when I’m working with these people who have no general respect for me?  Who put the weight of a show on my shoulders, but don’t listen to any of the needs or concerns I have?

What should I do, when someone’s response to me is always “hold that thought” or “I hear what you’re saying, but no.”?

What should I do?

What should I do when I have the worst family on the planet?  A mother who cares only for herself.  A father i have to chase around.  A sister who just hates me.  And Aunts and Uncles who barley acknowledge my existence.  All of  which I have to try and get in touch with, the responsibility of staying in touch is solely mine.

What should I do?

What should i do when my “best friends” never answer my phone calls, return my messages, facebook wall posts…. anything?  What do i do about that?

Please tell me what I should do.  I know what I feel like doing, but I will take your advice into consideration.  I have no tolerance for disrespect.  I handle my end of every fucking situation.  I’m a good friend, I support people and their efforts, I work hard, I get the fucking job done and still have enough time to care about people.  If these people feel it is okay to disrespect me in such a way, I think they can afford to just not have me in their lives.  I don’t deserve this.  That I know.

But, please…..

tell me what I should do.


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  1. Ditch that loser asap rocky! How dare he!

    Kill your cast mates and director with kindness, do your job well and then go home. I find when i stop caring about everything else and focus on my job/part, I feel less stress. If it is that bad where you must carry the show, then you may need to leave.

    Family can be difficult. Sometime you have to love them from a distance and accept that things may never change. Touch base when you can but I wouldn’t go out of my way unless it’s an emergency.

    As for friends, if they aren’t making the effort after a while then f em. Get a new crew!

    So many free, fun events this summer…get out, have fun, meet other people with similar interests and focus your energy on your projects!


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