Queers can finally Make Music Philly

So, Make Music Philly is a free music festival that happens every year on the summer solstice.
How it works:
Register on the website as an artist or venue.
Create a profile describing yourself.
Artists and venues can request each other and schedule performances for the day of the festival.

Great, right?

I registered as an artist and requested performances from at least 6 different venues. NONE of which got back to me. I cannot say for sure why no one wanted me to perform at their venue, but I will say this is how I described myself in my profile:
Sebastian is a Queer performer who aims at uniting this vastly fragmented society through original electronic music and dance

To put things in context I have been performing my music in Philadelphia for over a year. I have high quality images to better represent myself. I had my bases covered. My thought, and again I have no way of knowing this for sure, is that I wasn’t being selected by anyone because of the fact that I described myself as “a Queer performer.” Other artists were being booked at multiple venues, but I could not get ONE venue to allow me to perform.

I know that if the problem is indeed that I identify as queer (or any other reason), there must be someone else out there having the same problem. With this problem in mind, I reached out to Tabu, on of the major LGBTQ bars/performance spaces in Philadelphia that is open to EVERYONE. I explained my issue to them and they thought it would be a great idea to sign up as a venue and participate. They started booking performers right away, including me.


I again have no way of knowing for sure what the issue could have been, but it is surprising to me that a festival aimed at providing free music all day in the city of Philadelphia could not find room for me to perform until I took action and created the opportunity for myself. I hope we can expand and start including others that don’t look like us and live different lives, because I think this is unacceptable and it saddens me to think how many other people things like this happen to on a regular basis. People who don’t know they can create another option for themselves.


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