parents say the darndest things

Yesterday was my younger sisters college graduation part. Im not crazy about family functions because im not crazy about my parents, but when its for one of my sisters i choose to bite the rag. I wont get into the years of neglect i experienced with my parents, or their lack of interest in my general well being, because by now its old news. Everyone sees it, my sisters our friends, strangers. But it got distastefully interesting last night when my drunk step father came up to me and said… (im leaving out my responses because they were all shirt and inconsequential, ie “uh huh”)
Im so glad you got to talk to your cousin, you two are kindred spirits. Like how her mother likes her sister more than her and how your sister is my favorite and youre not. (Laughing) you know youre the forgotten child. Its must know
1. Its not funny
2. Im not the forgotten child, rather you are the bad parent.
3. Shut up.

I didnt respond, because you must know that im smarter than starting a scene with a 40 something white man in public. What makes the situation worse is that i went to my friend and tried to explain what happened and my younger sister comes in and says “shut up, i dont care. Its not about you. I dont want to hear it.” A thing she often does because these bad things j dont happen to her and she doesnt want to ever hear about anyones problem if its going to be mmupsetting to her. So, instead she tells you to get over it.


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