As Much As Twice

The luxury of pride
is slow to arrive
when there are systems in place
built to make you hate your race
your face and your place in the ranks.

Those high up sit on their thrones
and scold you for saying their
prejudices are known.

“Not I” said the guy
revealed as being partial and bias
I’m a nice guy
and I’m open minded

For sure his mind has been very much open
to the years of discrimination that
says his kind is chosen
Those with their hair that is golden

Mentioned in every childhood story spoken
In every film, his kind the focus
with knowledge of others brought over the ocean
and for years broken

Spending the rest of their lives coping
with the fact that their image
is deemed a bad omen

And yet you think somehow
your judgement is not woven
with the thread of our
pride having been stolen

What you choose to see as ideal
What to your sexual desires appeals
What you choose to see as genteel
that its okay when you carry steel
and put in our backs until we kneel
to you our color is an Achilles’ heel.

But because you are nice
you say its impossible that you have this vice
that makes life harder for me
…as much as twice.



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