Our Growth Does Not Plateau – Pride


What does it mean to have pride?
Does it mean for one day you do not hide?
The tiny bubble you have created
For one day becomes inflated?

What did it mean for those before us?

Pride means something different for me,
Than what I seem to see walking in the streets
To me, pride is an emotion
expressed in my devotion
to being a true and honest person

A person who speaks up
when someone puts me down
and defends others around

A person that does not stand by
when others are made to cry
because I know what it feels like.

A person who knows the love and hate
from both gay and straight
and therefore would never discriminate

A person who sees the large discrepancy
between the treatment of races
in the gay community

A person that does not just have pride
for those they look like
but those that are the same on the inside

A person who goes on a dating site
sees “interested in only white”
and realizes this too is a plight we must fight.

A person that opens a magazine
turns on the tv
and says this isnt how it should be

A person who knows how far we have come
but that there is so much more to be won

A person who sees the hetero-normative
treatment of women
and knows in our community they are so often
made to be villains

When you go on xtube
and get out your lube
do you see how the race and body type
discrimination gives a new meaning to “lewd”

Take one minute to see your prison
has voices to which you do not listen
members to the edge driven
because there is one image
of gay on a daily basis given
in the stories written
but your bias is to be forgiven?
because justice has a limit?
and you have already risen?

Like dough
and further you do not desire to grow
Pride is to know
the subtle shade that is thrown
and knowing that we owe
it to ourselves to grow
and to the world show
that our growth does not plateau



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