Sebastian’s Guide To Homo-Romantic NetFlix Films Part II

sebastian's guide to homo-romantic films

Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings

Let’s face it, you’ve been home for one night and have already stayed up, watching a couple films. You’re bored and your bound to get just a little horny, not horny enough to watch porn, but you wouldn’t mind seeing a good story with occasional graphic sex scenes. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. Well, I’ve got the skinny on some films I didn’t mention in my last post.

Stranger by The Lake
sebastian's guide to homo-romantic films
This is one good ass film. It follows a young man who has been frequenting a beach where men swim naked and occasionally go off into the woods and have sex together. One night at the beach he witnesses the murder of another frequenter of the beach, but also finds himself the subject of the killer’s sexual desire. I’m not going to give anything else away, but this shit is the truth. Also, these sex scenes are where it’s at. I mean you see erect penis, you see erect penis in hand, you see erect penis ejaculate…. It’s perfect. A good film and good sex scenes!
Rated: I’d like to see a complicated love story and story of friendship with characters I will actually care about and…. I wanna see some dick. And I want to feel like it’s summer.

Burnt Money
This is a good one. This follows two men who are criminals and from the first moment they began working together they began sleeping together and were just… together. Everyone knows if you hire one, you hire the other. They are often referred to as “The Twins”. But, one job puts them in great danger after barely escaping alive. I don’t want to give too much more away, but this is worth seeing. One of the “twins” hears voices that plague him constantly and the other battles his attraction to both men and women. It is a great portrayal of what a nearly co-dependent relationship rich with passion and fire and complication is like and there’s a good amount of nudity to soften the heavy moments, which get pretty heavy.
Rated: I want to be happy, angry, turned on and sad. But, in the end… touched.

Time To Leave
A fashion photographer finds out he has cancer and is going to die in 3 months. He’s not a very nice guy, which is not to say he is mean… he’s just straight forward. Upon learning of his eminent death, he explores life a little more and finds meaning he didn’t notice before. He also slowly loses his selfishness, which is beautiful to see. He starts caring for others and attempting to better their lives. It starts off rather strong, but gets a little weak somewhere near the end, but it’s still worth watching. You get to see hard dick once and it’s pretty much worth it, but that’s not what this one is about.
Rated: I want to see a man go on a journey, feel his pain and see him grow before he accepts his fate.

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Call Me Kuchu
What? Your white ass needs to watch this documentary. It’s not romantic, but still important. It follows openly gay activists in Uganda. Yeah and life there is hell for them, but they are standing up for themselves in the face of death, in a place where minds are colonized so noticeably, it hurts. Maybe this will put your life in perspective for you. These people are so brave and their stories so sad. This is what bravery is.
Rated: Wow.

Taxi Zum Klo
taxi al wc
Okay, so this is one of those films that’s more about seeing the behavior of the these characters. The opposite of American films, which are so heavily plot driven and filled with millions of cuts. This film lets the characters be and just allows you to watch. There are of course themes through out the film, fidelity being a major theme. The main character meets a man who he forms a relationship with and now struggles with changing his adventurous ways. There is a lot of dick. There is erect dick. There is actual sexual activity between the actors, which surprised me, but also made the film feel more authentic.
Rated: I want to see something different.



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