Sebastian: Fitness Frontier


Since I was a boy, fitness has been a major part of my life. When I was 7 my father assigned me my first fitness regimen; 20 push ups a day and 100 situps and since that day 20 years ago, I haven’t stopped. I have had varying degrees of commitment to fitness over the years, as we know, work, school, life, and laziness can all get in the way, but, generally speaking, I have always worked out.

In college I started running 6 miles every other day and doing weight training at the gym, combined with 100 push ups a day, one minute of jumping up and down and a healthy diet. I was very strict back then, never missing a day at the gym and sometimes feeling that I didn’t try hard enough, so I would go to the gym twice in a day. Needless to say, post college, I have not exactly kept up with this. Beer, Whiskey and wine have been added to my liquid intake, I’ve lazily only running 3 miles when I go to the gym twice or three times a week and I have completely stopped doing push ups. And yesterday I realized that needs to change.

Fitness isn’t just about looking good or vanity, it’s about pushing yourself. And when I think about what our bodies are capable of, what I could do if I just put my mind to it, I feel the need to rise to the occasion, to try and be the best me, as I do in all other aspects of life. So, I have decided to get back in the game and do this thing. Push myself. Hard.

I did my six miles this morning, leaving the old three miles in the dust and… it felt great. I’m still working out how I’ll switch up my dumbbell routine, I spend about 15-20 minutes stretching and I’m starting with 90 push ups a day and working my way up. The thing I hate the most, due to my scoliosis, is sit ups, but I’ll figure something out. The point is I’m doing it and I’m excited.


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