How Sean Became Sebastian: The School of Life


As much as the celebration of the start of a new calendar year can feel soley based in tradition and merely a change in date, like everyday, it can still manage to have personal significance.
This new year, for me, has felt like a graduation of sorts, it was as though all of my feelings and experiences from the past year and beyond forged one big lesson that I was finally able to put in practice in real life.
A major moment in my life was when I realized I was different, I realized I cared more about what was right than what simply served me, I realized I wanted to love everyone and I realized silence is death. What took forever for me to build was the confidence to stand behind these principles and not fear how it made others feel.It is not my job to serve you or anyone else, it is my job to live my truth and do what I believe is right and in the face of mass opposition, it is easy to feel alone or scared.
People find comfort and strength in groups, which can be fulfilling, but it can also be a place where ignorance and neglect spread like Forrest fires. When you are in a group in which you belong, it can be difficult, if not impossible to see how your behavior or the behavior of your group is negatively affecting others.
Finally, I am able to fully sacrifice being likable or being concerned with what others think of me to address these situations in a positive manner and not feel guilty about it. If someone is uncomfortable with your truth, they’re are probably someone you shouldn’t be around, so if anything, there shouldn’t be a fear of potentially exposing that, rather, comfort.
This confidence spreads over to other aspects of life as well. In years past, I was fearful of embracing my sexuality and sexual power for the sake of others who are less comfortable with theirs, but why? I don’t want to reduce myself to fit in or be “admired.” I am more interested in finding people who revel in my confidence and I, theirs. I love my body and what it can do and am interested in sharing that with those who appreciate it and feel similarly of their own. I seek to be and be immersed in the ever growing and exploring and while I still respect those who choose a different path, I will only see them at the occasional intersection. Being around individuals that care for you and actively uplift you is better than being in an environment of silence and neglect.
Adulthood has been one great lesson and while I am sure there are many more lessons to be learned, I finally have my first Master’s in life. I look forward to more learning and growing.


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