Sebastian: Fitness Frontier – Part II


6 miles
55 minutes
700-ish calories
Yesterday was my second day returning to a six mile run and it turns out, physically, almost nothing has changed. My body can Still do it, but mentally, mentally I had to retrain myself.

I had been running for what felt like 5 miles, so I pulled the towel off the treadmill screen to discover it had only been 3 miles and I felt mentally defeated. My body could go on, but my mind was exhausted with the thought, but I refused to give in. I would endure and I did. Upon finishing, my happiness was quickly replaced with sadness, as I thought about my next six miles run.Will I feel this way again?
Doing 90 push ups a day has proven to be fairly easy, so next week, I will move up to 120 pushups a day. Pushups are like little energy drinks, i feel a boost of energy after them.
Today should be my rest day, but I’m feeling a bit emotional today,so I think I may go again and do some medicine ball workouts.
The most difficult thing for me,is improving flexibility. I make progress, but after all these years, it feels as though I should have progressed more. My groin, specifically is very tight and hard to loosen up. I need to do more research.

Off I go…


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