so many, many men


So many, many men
the same, all of them
so very, very “strong”
They must feel to belong

They smile and chatter,
are noble when it “matters”
All to train your mind
that you’ll need them in a bind

Their “charming” smiles are transparent
Their deception, inherent.
hustlers, they are, blowing smoke up your ass
To distract from the one they will pull, fast

Their sympathy, no more sincere
than an I’m sorry note on a hit deer
From truth tellers, they run
for fear they will see the smoking gun

That is hidden in their eye
so they jest, shift and lie
so tiring is it for those of us that see
but we play along so he won’t feel obsolete

He needs to tell someone what to do
He needs to be needed, sad, but true
he needs others to love him, so he can turn them away
so they can tell him they need him, beg him to stay

They run from the challenge, the ones with common sense
who are strong on their own and won’t tolerate nonsense

But, deep down these men wish they had, wish they could be
a person… just like you and just like me.


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