The Most Surprisingly Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

the most surprisingly successful kickstarter campaigns

As many of you know, next week I am launching my Kickstarter campaign for my next theatrical production, Showbiz: Active Terrorism (A Multimedia Musical). And if you know me, you know I did some research on what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign, but I won’t bore you with those details here, but what I will share with you is some of the most surprisingly successful Kickstarter campaigns.


A man set out to raise $10 to make himself Potato salad and what happened? He raised $35,000. Yes, you read that correctly, $35,000. To all those willing to donate to the potato salad efforts in the world, I implore you, donate to my Kickstarter when it launches next week! I’m a starving artist, but instead of asking you to help fund my next meal, I’m looking at the bigger picture; help fund my next project so I can fund my next few meals!

The Veronica Mars Movie

This canceled Television show managed to raise 5.7 million dollars on Kickstarter for a movie. Why is this surprising? I’m surprised the studios couldn’t get funding for this on their own. It’s great that money was being raised to put together a film, that is very close to what I am doing, I just get surprised when rich people successfully raise money for their projects, when it seems they could have managed without it.

the most surprisingly successful kickstarter campaigns

Someone raised $8,554 to make “this is not a kickstarter shirt,” T-shirts. Yes, these t-shirts were plain shirts that displayed the end stats for the project… There were 2 options; $15 for those residing in the US and $20 for those outside the US.

Researching these campaigns has been fun and frightening at the same time. It’s hard to believe that so many people are willing to give their hard earned money to something like potato salad and frivolous t-shirts, but there are so many artists trying to get their work funded and can’t, work that can help get a career off the ground, work that will help feed someone. Work.

I watched Inside the Actor’s Studio: Spike Lee, yesterday and was surprised to learn that the budget for the Malcolm X film was too small, too small and apparently Warner Bros knew it was too small and yet they refused to raise the budget and when the film ran out of money, the fired everyone and moved on with life. But Spike Lee was determined to make the film happen, so he called Bill Cosby, Oprah, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Janet Jackson and other rich black people and they all gave money to get the project finished. Money they would never see again, money they couldn’t get a tax deduction from… they just wanted this project to happen. Once he got the money, he began working on the film. Warner Bros had no idea where the money came from, until Spike Lee announced it during a press conference on the birthday of Malcolm X, after that, Warner Bros raised the budget… It’s funny reading about all these projects after just learning about the struggle to make the movie Malcolm X.

Look out for the launch of my Kickstarter next Friday, January 23rd!


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