Sebastian’s Guide to Homo-Romantic Netflix Films – Part III

It’s winter, you don’t much feel like going out because of the ice and the cold, so you sit down and aim at finding a homo-romantic movie to watch, but where do you start? No one really wants to see another Eating Out, we want to see something with some substance, right? Well, I’ve got a guide to some of the best films available on Netflix.

Keep the Lights On
This film follows the romance of a filmmaker and an attorney who meet in the 90’s. One of the men has what starts out as a light habit of using drugs that over the years becomes a major problem for him and his partner, who struggles with his feelings about his partner’s drug use and also struggles with his existence as an artist. It is wonderful to see how their relationship, which at first promises only to be a brief fling, turn into a 10 year relationship. It is very difficult to watch someone you love give their life away to drugs, they disappear for days on end, they avoid you if you try to help them, this film captures that beautifully. You get to see a little ass, and hint of penis, which let’s face it is on all our minds.
Rated: I want to go on a journey of love and pain and loss. It’s nice to have an intimate view of other homo-relationships, since we rarely have something to compare our experiences with.

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Paris is Burning
You have probably already seen the documentary about the 80’s ball scene in Harlem, but chances are you should watch it again. I was younger when I saw this doc the first time, watching it now with my gained experience and maturity, it did something different for me. It made me re-examine every aspect of gay culture, something I think we should all do. It made me sad to see all the beautiful creatures, outcast from society, poor and wanting simply to belong, to be accepted. The beauty emerging in the fact that they created that community for themselves out of nothing.
Rated: Your white ass better watch this.

Beyond The Walls
This film follows two men that form a relationship out of convenience that never really grows, but continues out of habit and need for companionship. Both musicians, one is in a relationship with a woman at the start of the film, who kicks him out at night, because of is homo-infidelities that have, apparently, been going on for some time. He then moves in with this man he has only seen 3 times in his entire life. Relationships out of convenience and need for experimentation never really get too far, do they? The more one pushes, the more the other pulls, until unforeseen circumstances cause them both to pull as much as they can, but at that point, it’s pretty much too late. I think most of us can see ourselves as both men in some point in our relationship having lives.
Rated: I almost don’t want to watch this because it reminds me of my early dating behavior; desperation, clingy-ness and pain.

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