Breaking News: Sebastian Announces Terrorist Plot (Live!)

Sebastian Showbiz: Active Terrorism A Multimedia Musical

Sebastian announced his terrorist plot on live televion.
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Showbiz: Active Terrorism (A Multimedia Musical) is the fourth production and most ambitious effort by self-producing, Philadelphia artist Sebastian (Who Invited Jesus?, I Am Because I Am, Sorry I’m Just Human, Life on the Fringe).

Showbiz comedically tells the fictional story of Sebastian, a struggling Philadelphia performer in both the Theatre and Drag scene, and his rise to becoming a globally recognized sensation. Through this journey we learn, along with Sebastian,of the struggle to make it in Show Business as a queer black person and how difficult it is for someone in such a position to hold on to their integrity, both artistic and personal. The show examines the role the media plays in our interpretation of public figures, events and politics. Through this journey, Sebastian’s eyes are opened to the hidden truth that we are but pawns in a system created to brainwash, placate and pacify the general public, in order to secure the domination of a select few. Sebastian fights to create work that is honest and thought provoking in a time when superficiality is promoted in an effort to prevent upheval and rebellion, upsetting “the powers that be.” Subsequently, Sebastian becomes the target of a global campaign to discredit him as terrorist, in order to maintain the illusion of freedom, equality and justice in the world. Will the people buy into the slanderous campaign or begin to question the system that has ruined countless efforts to remove the wool from our eyes?


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