Greyhound Bound

When planning my journey from Texas back to Philadelphia to continue wok on Showbiz, I considered a few options; plane, train, automobile, etc. And considering price and experience value, I opted to take the bus. Yes, i decided to take Greyhound from Texas to Philadelphia. The decision was mostly motivated by a desire to have some alone time and to see places. Of course, I’ll be seeing these places from a traveling bus, but I still saw value in the experience.

Currently, it is 1:33 AM and I am at a Greyhound station waiting for my 2:20 AM bus. I am both exhausted and excited at the thought of this trip, which will last nearly two days. I haven’t had an adventure on my own in some time and I find these adventures to be quite enjoyable. There are details for the show I can address, work on the script I have been procrastinating on and thoughts I cal let settle and others, go.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the sort of work I am interested in and what feels like the natural way to present it. There’s so much stuff out there, everywhere, that is being consumed day in and day out. I think we are the most brain washed people to have ever lived and one thing I think the world needs the most is to stop and think. Our culture is evolving so quickly, ideas and images in our faces almost every second, I think we have lost perspective.

With launch of Tidal, it has become crystal clear that people feel entitled to the type of work i create, entitled to have it for free and that scares me. We talk so much about the value of artists and so much about the problem with corporations, but an artist does well for themselves and we call them greedy and business does well for themselves and their just… Apple.


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