We Were Waiting

We Were Waiting

Last night I headed to Adobe Cafe to sing karaoke. My friend summoned some of her nearest, dearest and karaokiest friends to join her, as we won’t be seeing much of her for a while and we all love her. I expected the usual beer fueled spectacle, perpetuated by undue, yet well appreciated cheers, but I got something far different. I met some of the most interesting people I have met since being in Philadelphia, all because we were waiting.

My friend and I arrived early, so we snagged a booth (jackpot!) and waited for others to arrive. While waiting, I ran across a woman I had met months ago through a friend. I called out to her and she didn’t remember meeting me, because she was drunk when we met (understandable). Turns out, it’s her birthday and she is waiting for her friends to arrive and join her. So we say, “hey, why not wait with us?”

Some of her friends arrive and join our table (cool, the more the merrier). They can only stay for a short amount of time as they are meeting some other people elsewhere, but their waiting to get the heads up that their friends are heading out. So, they wait with us. I’m waiting to see my very talented friend sing (she’s fantastic). While we wait, we enjoy each other’s company. This doesn’t, I’m sure, sound groundbreaking, but I’ve never genuinely enjoyed the company of this many people at one time. They’re funny, they’re smart, they’re over it…. they’re my kind of people.

At one point, I get up to use the restroom and on the way, I accidentally step on the foot of a seated stranger. I apologize, he accepts. On the way back from the restroom, I do the same thing (what’s wrong with me? I’m not even drunk.) I apologize again and then stop to ask the man why he is sitting by himself. He says he’s waiting for some of his friends to arrive. I say, “hey, why not wait with us?” He comes over and joins the table and politely says, “I really don’t want to intrude on your gathering.” And I tell him that everyone at this table met each other today, tonight. Caught by surprise, his reservations are erased. This guy is the most interesting person I have met in the longest of times, he’s just a cool person.

We all hang out and have a good time, we end up listening to music at the home of one of the strangers, eating pizza, talking. What a wonderful evening filled with tons and tons of strangers. What’s funny is, I invited a couple of non-strangers out that night and was met with they somewhat typical non-attendance. This would normally be somewhat disappointing, but I’m glad they didn’t come. I may have never met these wonderful strangers. Strangers that all had one thing in common, they were waiting….


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