Now: The Dystopian Future

Could it be that the world in which we live is that ever imagined, dystopian future? Is America the land of the free or the country with the best marketing team? Is this a sort of simulated reality? The 9-5, the coffee, the internet programming, the news, brunch, your dog; do you actually want these things or has someone programmed you to think of these as bonuses that increase the value of your life? Student loans, productivity, responsibility to society…. are these things used to subdue the human race while we continue to make others rich? Is your 9-5 so great or have you just been conditioned to think so? What else have you been conditioned to think? What is real?

Since we were born, people have been conditioning us. You remember….

Your a boy, boys like are supposed to be tough, no crying. Be a man, get hurt. Here’s a blue band-aid and toy soldier (because we want you to grow up thinking that being a soldier is the job for you), it’s tough. Cut your hair short.
You’re a girl, cover yourself up, learn something delicate, like knitting. Let’s get you a pink dress, so someone of the opposite sex thinks you’re attractive and may want to choose you as his wife… Grow long locks of hair.

America is the underdog of the world. We fought for our freedom and now we are the land of the free, the melting pot.

White is good, it is heavenly. Black is evil.
-Also, the binary

Race Roles – through television
White people are sophisticated, black people are loud and violent.

None of these things are real, but we’re so accustomed to them and as much as we think we are aware and unaffected by these things… are we? Has someone taught us how to think? Do you really care if your friend’s new boyfriend is 30 and works at a coffee shop? When did what people do become more important than who they are? Who taught us that? Someone limited your emotions to a few, showed you pictures of what they looked like, put them in a nice, clean little box and sent you on your way…. don’t you think that’s a little strange?

It feels like most of our resistance is caused by people fighting this system. This system that isn’t real. It’s like a group of people, years ago, sat around a table and thought of a bunch of rules to make everyone live by to make things go smoother.

“It’ll never work, people will ask questions, they have opinions,” one said…

“We’ll get them while they’re kids… they’re clean slates at that point.”

“Well how do we get a hold of people’s children?”

“We’ll make school mandatory, and we’ll tell them the same things over and over for years until it sticks.”

As the tension in America grows and grows, I can’t help but wonder, is this the land of the free or is this the hunger games?
It’s almost like someone said…

“That Nazi thing was a good idea, but we can’t do it again… people were outraged by that.”

“Well, we could do it, but what if we marketed it differently, tell people over and over that they are free, call this the land of the free, have independence day, celebrating that they are free.”

“Yeah, sure, but when we we start killing black people, everyone’s still gonna get outraged. What will we do?”

“Were you listening? Let’s market the whole race as violent, criminals, gun wielding, homicidal maniacs… People that threaten the safety of others, then everyone else will think we’re doing them a favor.”

“But, you don’t think they will catch on? It didn’t work last time.”

“We make sure they don’t know about it. Direct them to the news, where we tell a very particular narrative. We can distract them with things they love, movies, music, celebrity, awards, beers… they’d rather those things than hearing about someone problems.”

There are a million movies about this imagined world, we watch and we think, “That shit is crazy, I would never want to live in that world.” And then you leave the theater and immediately return to it. Is it weird that police monitor our facebooks? that we give up our privacy for convenience? Your phone makes everything you have ever said in the same room as it, the knowledge of the government. Why don’t we ask more questions? As an artist, you learn, you don’t have to know the answer right now, but, why?


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  1. Nyquil/Dayquil. Same difference in this day and age. Both sides have been occupied and there is no refuge. Isn’t that what happened in the third film (if I’m not mistaken)?


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