Be Brave

We don’t try, because it’s easy.
We don’t leave, because it’s easy.
We don’t change because it’s easy.

And we let the doubts of others fill our mind like smoke.

But what we don’t realize is the flame causing that smoke is fueled by the same insecurities everyone else has.

I’ve started over about a million times in my life and each time, I had fears; fear of what will happen, how will I find my way, will I be okay?…. And you know what? I survived.

We must be very careful in choosing the company we keep in our vulnerable moments. As bad as outright discouragement and judgements can be, lack of acknowledgement is an equally uunsupportive habit. When something major is happening in your life and those around you refuse to discuss, change the subject as soon as you mention it, and leave a web of silence around you, you need to leave. These people are not for you. You are in danger, the energy of their actions is meant to bring you down in moments of vulnerability. Do what you can to escape these environments.

Continue to be brave. Anyone who doesn’t support your bravery has a problem of their own their not dealing with and it’s not your job to fix it.


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