EHPN: Entertainment & Homoromantic Programing Network

EHPN: Entertainment & Homoromantic Programming Network

Your Sophisticated Guide To Entertainment & Homoromantic Programing

Porn. Everybody is watching. So, why don’t we treat it like Empire, The Walking Dead, Broad City… Let’s talk about that shit. In a more accepting world there would be ESPN for porn, but instead it’s shamed publicly and everybody goes home, switches on private browsing, drops their pants, and tickles their fancy for the big P. Before we continue, I would like to explain that I use the term, Homoromantic, as opposed to gay, when describing films, porn, and stories centered on romantic and sexual relationships between 2 or more men or 2 or more women… Accept it. For those with a desire for homoromantic relationships in their everyday lives, it’s not always as easy or widely accepted to form and enjoy sexual relationships, as for our heteronormative counterparts (see internalized homophobia, shame, doubt, and the culturally enforced obstacles that damage our often alienated psyches with as much force as a cast iron pan to the head). For many of us, homoromantic porn was the first time we saw two people of the same sex kiss, touch, and you know… do it. And in the privacy of our homes (and sometimes a public restroom stall) our enjoyment of viewing homoromantic porn is completely normal and in a way, comforting. I often long for a world where homoromantic love is completely accepted, a world where I can walk out the door holding a man’s hand and be greeted with admiration and joy. Until then, I’m going to watch homoromantic porn and use my imagination, when I’m not being forced to watch Heteroromantic couples get to second base every Saturday night on the train.
I have no experience watching homoromantic porn with women, so it would be impossible for me to write anything about it with any integrity. I say this to say, I don’t mean to marginalize an already marginalized group, I’m just not the person to take on such a task. But, I hope that a homoromantic loving woman sees this and decides to tackle the subject from her point of view. I would encourage it.

Anthony Romero & Austin Wilde
(A quick search will get you to the video)

When discussing porn, where in sodomite hell heaven does one begin? I can sometimes get exhausted at the thought of finding something to watch. I don’t know about you, but when watching porn, I open about 5 windows at once and switch between them. If you’ve ever been to PornHub, you know, on that website, COCKYBOYS is what the Kardashins are to the E! Network; dey everywhere! Damn! I love the video quality, the lighting is perfect for sex on a Sunday, it’s a little white-washed for my taste, but it’s good. There’s one video that stands out in my mind. Anthony Romero & Austin Wilde.
What Makes It Good?
Romero and Wilde are a porn couple, how they do it, I don’t know. It takes having an open relationship to the next level. I’d like to think I was secure enough for such a relationship, but I’m honestly not sure I am. (It’s worth noting, the two are no longer together, as this video was filmed yeas ago) Anyway, the video starts with six minutes or so of interview, in which the pair discusses having a long distance relationship, jealousy, and how they came to the realization that they were in love with each other. I personally love interviews, all sorts, so this is a plus for me. We see so much of pornographic actors, we see them fuck strangers, suck dick, lick ass holes, get cum shots to the eye, but we don’t get to see them. And in a porn landscape filled with overzealous performers and a lack of intimacy or feeling, I welcome the interview approach, especially with a couple. Seeing them interact with each other and discuss each other, then lay in bed, like we all have done and make their way to sex, it’s a more enjoyable porn experience.
What Makes It Great?
Anthony Romero’s Ass. That’s an ass. (See 8:22 and 17:07)
Austin Wilde is mysteriously sexy. I honestly can’t pinpoint what it is about him. (See 22:14)
When watching this video, one can really see that they care for each other. It’s sweet. Porn is fantasy and I would be lying if I said when I watch this video, I don’t fantasize about having sex like that. This video brings me back to what porn meant for me when I was a 17 year old boy who hadn’t really met anyone who was openly gay. It gives hope for something I haven’t experienced yet in my adult life; sex fueled by love. Where they do that at? I’m not saying most homoromantic men just have lust fueled sex, or that I only have that sort of sex, I’ve just never been in a relationship with someone I was in love with, so the idea of sex with such a person is, at this point, an unwritten fairytale (see what I did there?). Since breaking up, the two have apparently reunited for anther video, haven’t seen it yet, but can’t wait.
My goal is to give you homoromantic porn to consider, if you haven’t already. It’s not rocket science, it’s porn. So, the point is, I got off on this video multiple times, maybe you will too. Perhaps this series will evolve into something great.


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