The Four Agreements

I read The Four Agreements, a book by don Miguel Ruiz.
If you have not read this book….
You. Must.

I began what I call my Winter Epiphany last November. It’s stretched all the way to Fall…. Is it officially fall yet?
I’ve watched a plethora of Interviews with Artists, Authors, Engineers, all different types of people who have had a magnificent journey they wanted to share (they also tend to be successful). It felt as though every one of them was reading a passage from the same book. All their ideas for leading a better life had a similar shape and smell to them. The Four Agreements takes every idea I have heard from self help books, these interviews I speak of, and advice from parents and family and puts it all together in a very concise way. It honestly felt as though my future self arrived in the future, and after learning hundreds of lessons the wrong way, wrote a book about the cause of all our problems and then sent it back to the past so I could read it and begin living a happy life sooner. I will tell you nothing else about the book. You should read it.


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