Sebastian’s Guide to Homoromantic Netflix Films – Seashore

Seashore film netflix gay queer homoromantic sebastian's guide to homoromantic netflix films

Seashore film sebastian's guide to homoromantic Netflix films gay queer

Seashore is about journeys, a few different journeys. A young man is sent to the shore, where his grandfather lived, to settle some business after the death of said grandfather. The young man, Martin, is sent by his father, his father who from the very beginning of the film exudes that which is stern and cold and mean. His caring friend Tomaz skips out on a family wedding to join him during this tough time. We follow the pair and their encounters with friends, new and old. You are given the opportunity to experience everything. This film takes its time, which I appreciate. At times it feels so real, I wonder about the filming process. The two appear to be such long friends that when together, the don’t often speak. You almost wonder, “is something the matter?” But, you realize, no. Martin visits his estranged (due to “who his father is”) family, who initially meets him with indifference, but comes to realize this indifference is only due to association, association with the father (you really begin to wonder about the father character). Martin begins to question his father’s role in his life, how it has made him feel and what he should do about it. Tomaz is an artist. He carries a sketch book with him, but doesn’t let anyone see. One evening when Tomaz is too drunk to function, Martin dares to glance into the window that is said book… why? Because, Tomaz keeps it to himself and he is curious… or at least that is what I gathered. He finds drawings of Tomaz and another man, naked. He casually brings up Tomaz’s “boyfriend” in conversation. Tomaz is caught with his guard on the ground and his dick in his own mouth, but is met with love and acceptance. I won’t say what takes place going further, why ruin it for you? When you watch this film make sure you have the attention for it, if you’re are looking for action or a super plot driven number, you won’t find what you are looking for, but if you are looking for an opportunity to take a glance into someone’s life… watch.

Sweet. Loving. I remember that feeling/when will I have it agian?
Nudity? Butt.


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