Sebastian’s Guide to Homoromantic Netflix Films: Our Paradise

Sebastian's Guide to Homoromantic films our paradise

sebastian's guide to homoromantic films our paradise

What can I say about this film? While scrolling through the Gay & Lesbian section in Netflix, I came across 2 or 3 options I felt in the mood for. Our Paradise had a bad rating, and given the fact that almost every (ALMOST) every homoromantic film I have watched on Netflix with a bad rating ended up being rather enjoyable, I decided this was the one!

The film begins. We meet Vassili. An “aging” hustler. Vassili is in his early 30’s and at every turn this film echoes the idea that when you are gay, your life ends at age 30, that youth and beauty are all we crave, seemingly regardless of the person they are attached to. An idea I think we all understand, but at the same time, I thought it was a bit much. Of course we all have different realities. If my livelihood depended on the sexual desires of affluent, gay men, I’d probably hear about and be more concerned with my age as well. But, I’ll save you from this digression.

We meet Vassili. He is handsome. He has maybe picked up a few pounds over the last…. hhmmmmm… three years. But, it’s nothing that would turn me off, in fact, it’s sort of sexy (just giving you perspective). He is with a client. An aging client, and I only use that language because the first 10 minutes of the film, this client speaks of nothing but his loss of youth, at first it’s sort of sweet and sad, but then it reaches a point where you either have to A. Fake an emergency to get out of the situation or B. Just be blatantly honest and say, “I really am not interested in what you have to say, can we please just fuck now.”

Apparently Vassili felt similarly, because when the client went to the rest room to freshen up, he snatched the chord out of the back of the record player, followed him into the restroom and strangled him until he fell to the ground, seemingly dead. This was unexpected and the film just keeps going from there. Vassili meets Angelo, a baby faced hustler, later that same evening. He’s been beaten up pretty badly. And while he had no concern for the well being of the man he choked with a chord, this young, beautiful stranger he just couldn’t leave alone and helpless. Angelo is cute, I feel he’s a grower, not a shower in the attractiveness department. He finds himself naked pretty often, but then again, so do I. The pair begin hustling together and fall in a sort of unexpected love with one another. But…. ahhhhh… there’s always something right. Vassili is often turned away from clients in favor of his younger lover, which does not enhance his ego. So, he does what a typical person might do and he kills them. I can’t tell you much more about all this, it gets complicated, money gets involved, escapes are necessary. I was shocked and worried… for everybody!

sebastian's guide to homoromantic films our paradise

Then the second half of the film started. I actually don’t want to tell you much about this half. I don’t have the words for why, but, we meet some new characters who are very special and it surprised me. Things escalate and Vassili and Angelo begin to develop that healthy couple idea of “it’s us against the world,” because that always ends well, but even with all the things they do to other people and danger they bring with them, you can’t help but feel charmed by them. I think this is a really great film. I enjoyed learning about an experience that is nothing like my own; the experience of a sex worker. They are put through so much mentally, and apparently physically. Ultimately, regardless of how good your intentions are, if your decisions are ruled by fear, you are bound to make some bad ones and this film is imaginary evidence of that fact.

Awww, they are so cute. Awww, this is so dangerous. Awwww, how many times you can you have sex in one day? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Shit.
Full nudity. Lots of bootay, a pretty good amount of flaccid dick.


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