Visualization/Inspiration/Masturbation Bank

I get swallowed by the world of Instagram for about an hour every morning and I’m always looking for the same thing; art & men. So, my feed is filled with naked, artistic types. It helps me with visualizing what I want for myself, what’s possible for my life, and it turns me on… obviously. When I see something that sort of shatters the limits I’ve somehow created in my mind, be it artistic, perceived closeness between friends, cuteness of lovers, I take a screen shot of it, so I can remember it later… or get an erection later. I want to share this with you, because as cliche as it sounds, “Sharing is caring!”

Why do I love this? Your bed is like your play desk, where you sort of do work on yourself; you lay and investigate your body, you put yourself in strange situations, just because you feel like it and no one is around, you play with yourself and others. So, a man in his bed, is a man at home. His tattoos are cute and that jumper looks comfortable.

I don’t know, it just speaks to me.

Running is one of the greatest simple-pleasures, but sex… is sex.

This crotch shot belongs to a gentleman I follow on Instagram who happens to be an escort. I love being nude, I love when others are nude. And erect penises are a turn on for almost everyone, it’s the equivalent to a wave or a thumbs up.

Speaks for itself

This kiss just looks so cute. I know nothing of these two people, but I imagine that they are in love and how tender the kiss is. I look forward to that.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. A group of friends all piled in bed together. It’s the closeness, a thing a lot of people are uncomfortable with. I desire that closeness with guy friends, gay and straight friends. It’s that non sexual guy time that makes you feel empowered.

It just speaks to me.

This is freedom. Society keeps us all wrapped up and all we want to do is expose ourselves. The beach has this sort of endless feeling, like it goes on forever. The idea of running around with with my dick out on the darkening beach with a nice breeze and the sound of the water, sounds like paradise.

Non-sexual male nudity is empowering. There is nothing like it… well, sexual male nudity, but it’s different. Get naked with your friends… dogs are doing it….

You know what’s up.

C’mon… I mean, the bootay is spread, okay. Also, I don’t really understand the body art of this artist, I’m gonna be honest, but it always appears on naked men… so…..


Seeing a penis just doesn’t get old. There’s something personal about, like you know the person better because you’ve seen it, it’s like a hidden part of their personality. It’s a secret and it’s beautiful and apparently… it’s what’s for dinner…


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