Sebastian’s Guide to Homoromantic Netflix Films: Lilting

homoromantic netflix films ben whishaw

So, you’re searching for porn and you realize that while of course you enjoy seeing strangers fuck (it’s so weird when you think about that, right?), you really want to feel something. You decide you’re willing to sacrifice some of the sex for love… You want conflict, compromise, passion, dudes kissing dudes, women kissing women, butts, penises, breasts (through a different lens) and lack of heteronormative gender roles in relationships combined with the struggles faced by those who love someone with the same private parts. Well, I got yo back. Here’s one you should watch: Lilting.
Lilting follows Richard (Ben Whishaw) who is dealing with the death of his sexy ass, biracial, I get an erection just hearing his name, boyfriend, Kai while simultaneously allowing us to see how kai’s mother, Junn (Cheng Pei-pei), is dealing with the loss of her beloved son. Junn- who had been temporarily put in a home while Kai figures out the best way to explain his love for a man, his live in boyfriend Richard, to his mother,- speaks 6 or 7 languages, none of them being English and hates Richard, who she believes is her son’s best friend, because of the amount of time taken away from her and her son. After Kai’s death, Richard begins visiting Junn at the home with a translator to help her communicate with her new boyfriend, who is also a resident of said home. In helping Junn, he helps himself.

Okay so here’s why I like it….
Kai is fine. It’s superficial, but it is the truth. I would like to have homeboy for dinner. Yes, I would put his naked self on the dinning room table, tuck my napkin into my collar, light some candles, and have a 3 hour feast. I can’t lie to you, I respect you too much. Also, seeing how Kai and his mother interact reminds me of good times with my mother. There is something so special about a mother/son relationship, they are adorable and I enjoy visiting past feelings of my own, watching them. He loves her soo much! and she, him! Richard. Richard is a great guy and it becomes so clear that he truly loved Kai and it warms my heart to see that sort of love portrayed. It’s something I feel I don’t see enough between men… and I’d like to see it. It gives me hope for my own life. It makes me even happier for men that I meet in real life that are in love, it’s the only thing that keeps me from being a homewrecker and fucking your man. Richard is also sexy. But in a different way. I’d like to wake up on Sunday morning to Richard and his naked self, have an hour long conversation while holding him in bed, make sweet love to him and then make breakfast together. (my goodness, what would I do if had them both!) Anyway, this film is sweet. I also appreciate Junn and her love, her stubbornness, her fear, and her strength. Seeing how she and Richard navigate the discomfort that is their relationship, truly touches me heart.
images (1)
Nudity? I think you might see like half a but, but frankly the armpits you get make up for it. Seriously, I’m not even normally into pits like that, but these two guys… they turned it around for me.



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