c’est tres chic, no?: leggings with shorts… for men?

I’m not usually the biggest fan of shorts. I don’t know what it is…. maybe it’s hard for me to find a cut that I like on my body… I’m not built like the people these clothes are made for (my butt is tres big). So, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, I’m usually still wearing pants. Yes, it’s annoying.
I spend a great deal of time rehearsing and working out, which usually leads to me wearing leggings. Now, I’ve worn leggings out in public before and half the time people assumed I was just wearing skinny jeans, but sometimes I’d like to walk outside without everyone and their mother knowing exactly what my penis looks like….
I’ve seen the combination of leggings and shorts for some time, but I’m just now really considering it…. What do you think of the combo?

It can be super cass, and I think super cute. and it gives more opportunity to wear black on black, and if you’re like me, you love having sex with men any excuse to wear black!

It can work in the colder months too, it sort of gives you more options. And frankly, I think it might take people a moment to even notice what’s going on… not that we care what anyone else thinks…

Or we can just go full out athleisure on them hoes… that’s in these days… who knows when you might have to do some jumping jacks in the middle of the grocery store, it’s 2016…

There are just so many ways they can be worn…. What do you think?


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