c’est tres chic, no?: men in skirts

men in skirts sebastian cummings


I’ve loved skirts since I was a child. When I was really young, I could stretch the neck of a t-shirt to fit around my waste and when no one was home, I would walk around the house like it was a skirt. As an adult, I’ve considered wearing skirts, but never came across one that fits me the way I’d like. But, I realize “I never came across” one, because I wasn’t actively looking. Why wasn’t I actively looking? I was afraid. I allowed my parents and peers to inspire fear in my heart that I wouldn’t be accepted. But, I’m two years from 30, I’ve been naked on stage, hell, I’ve performed in heels, what the hell do I care if someone in Starbucks is offended by me wearing a skirt?

Luckily there are awesome people in this world to offer me and those like me, some much needed inspiration!
Take this example. It’s got an “out of the matrix” feel to it. Bohemian almost. Very casual, comfortable, and loose. I like that. I’m always worried there will be the noticeable hump from my man parts and there is nothing more distracting than talking to someone and noticing them continue to look down at your crotch… maybe talking to someone and noticing them look down at your boobs?

I like this, it’s an updated suit.

Louis Vuitton hired Jaden Smith for their women’s line after he gained popularity for wearing skirts

I like…
What do you think, tres chic or no?


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