c’est tres chic, no?: crop tops for men

The Crop Top: it’s coming back. i will will it into being. Why did it stop? A heteronormative desire for men to appear as masculine and separate from women, who can, for the most part, rock crop tops without criticism? I know as a homoromantic, I sometimes shy away from things seen as flamboyant as to not be “one of those gays,” but you know what? That’s not me being fair to myself. TF do I care what Billy Joe thinks about my crop top? I honestly don’t know why I like them so much, but I’m curious to know, what do you think, tres chic or no?

Johnny Depp
Back in the 80s and early 90s it was totes cool for dudes to rock crop tops… and as the image above would indicate, bikini briefs, while hanging out with your brother in the kitchen. So, what has changed? It’s as though the male fashion theme morphed into, “arms and chest, that’s all you got. be stiff and boring.” Remember when Johnny Depp was rocking the crop top? No one thought twice. I miss those days of being free.

Johnny Depp

You can start in a safe place. Trying wearing crop tops around the house and to bed. It will help you get used to it. Pair it with your underwear. Anyone seeing you walking around the house in a pair of briefs surely won’t judge you for a crop top.

Try it out while playing sports with your athlete friends. Athletes break heteronormative boundaries all the time, so can you. Don’t be afraid. Try it out


Not sure you want to leave the house in one yet? Try an experimental selfie. If you hate it, everyone will forget about it in a week when Kanye West tweets something. It’s not that serious. Also, f*ck anyone judging your life choices. Do whatever you want…


In no time we’ll be seeing dudes all over the place with their bellies out. So, what do you think, tres chic or no?



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