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Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings

male ejaculation
Porn is everywhere, just about everyone is watching it while attempting to bring themselves to orgasm. We love seeing people fuck! We all know that. And it’s starting to lose its stigma, no?
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Picture it: you’re friend Joe says, “Hey let me show you the costumes I tried on yesterday at the costume store,” you sit next to Joe and you lean your heads together and peer into the phone, swiping from image to image. “Oh, that’s an awesome Aladdin costume.” “Yeah, but check out this Pikachu.” “Yeah and look at… oh, that’s my dick.” You just saw a picture of Joe sitting in front of a mirror holding a TV remote next to his erect penis (for scale, obviously). It’s cool though, now you’re even, because when Joe was over your house last week, you were trying to find the short film you and your cousins made last summer on your vacation, you search by date, because you can’t remember the title, but you remember the month and year. But instead of the short film you made with your cousins and the island natives, you select a video of yourself, laying on the beach, cumming on your own face.


So, it’s safe to say we can all stop thinking of adult entertainers as anything other than people, because that time you went on that craigslist hookup at some random dude’s house to get a blow job… yeah, he was secretly filming it and you have 1,263,206 likes on Xtube. Almost everyone is an adult entertainer these days. Some are just more qualified.

So, I thought I’d talk to a guy I think is pretty qualified, a professional even. I mean, ranks him as the 8th most popular male porn entertainer in the world, 4th in the United states. He founded PervOUT, described as “a network of Independent Porn Productions where we empower the performers and the indie producers to build equity, work safe, and help each other compete with the giant companies.” He does straight and gay porn (my kinda guy), and he produces fetish porn. So, I’m sure you’ve guessed what I wanted to chat with him about…. Life, obviously! Because he’s a human being just like you… just with more interesting experiences. And yes, we talk a little about sex… human.

Lance hart

So you’re the founder of the PervOUT network, a producer of porn, an adult film performer (both gay and straight), and a man with a refreshingly progressive view on sexuality. Have you always been this ambitious? Was there a time you struggled with motivation and drive? How did you deal with it?
I struggled with motivation for years. I had almost 40 jobs before porn, and sucked at all of them 🙂 (Read more about those experiences on his blog)
I just eventually got sick of being broke all the time. I lucked out by finding something I’m decent at that I enjoy, and never looked back.

I’m sick of sick of being broke all the time too, maybe I need a career change…
In 2015, I had what I refer to as ‘A Winter Epiphany”; I started evaluating my life; the person I was becoming, the people I was surrounding myself with and started questioning what changes I could make to lead a more fulfilling life. I read on your blog,that some time last year, you went through personaI problems that lead to a great deal of personal improvements. What are some things you learned about yourself; your behavior, habits, thought patterns that you’d suggest others consider evaluating in themselves if they are looking to grow and live a better life?

Well I’ve read a ton of self help books since this summer… They are all good and helpful in their own way. If I could pick one thing to say it would be “just be positive.” I’ve learned that there is never a good enough reason to have a negative attitude. It doesn’t help at all. It’s okay to be sad, angry, disappointed, broken hearted… but feeding negative thinking is never useful. Everything is almost always acceptable in the moment.

That’s very refreshing to hear someone else say. I was trying to convince myself of that very idea earlier, but was struggling. It all seems so clear when someone else articulates it.
What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own business?

Google everything and read a lot before asking people for help. When you do ask people for help, make sure you precede their help and follow it up with action. Otherwise you are just wasting peoples’ time with fantasy talk 🙂
Also, and more importantly, keep the goal in mind. Most of the time the goal is TO MAKE A MONEY. So, you have to spend less than you make. Otherwise it’s just a hobby.

Okay, this is a bit off topic, but you’re abs are intense. Please tell us what you do to get such a strong core. What’s your routine?
Thanks! It’s like they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Just like business. You have to burn more calories than you take in (profit) to get down to the six pack 🙂

Lance Hart

Is it hard to stay focused at work when everyone you’re working with is attractive and naked?
I’m very lust driven. I’m laser focused when it comes the naked stuff. I struggle with emails and scheduling things (tasks that are done while wearing pants)

Do you ever feel objectified?
Nope. Not sure what that would feel like…

What”s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone considering doing porn?
Consider your goals. Do you just want sex? Do you want internet fame for some reason? Do you have a fetish or kink that you could only safely experience in a film set? Do you want to help humanity with a sex positive message? These are all fine reasons, but keep your eye on the goal. Also, make sure you are 100% okay with EVERYONE you have ever met, or ever have met knowing you have done porn. THEY WILL ALL FIND OUT. ZERO EXCEPTIONS. Mom, Dad, kids, teachers, your kids’ teachers, old high school friends… They will all know. It will be the most interesting thing they have to say to each other when they run into each other at the mall…. “Do you remember Sebastian from High School? I totally heard he’s in porn now. Here! Look at naked on my phone!” That’s how it happens. You better be okay with that 🙂

Can you describe the most fun experience you’ve had on set as a performer?
Too many to list 🙂

What do you love most about life?
Honesty. I am honest with who I am and have no secrets from anyone. Not everyone approves of my lifestyle, but I own it. It’s a very free feeling 🙂

Thank you Lance for your words on life. One of my biggest goals in life is to just “own it,’ hopefully I’ll get there soon… Hopefully we all will.


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