c’est tres chic, no?: overalls for men

Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings


OshKosh B’gosh… remember them? That’s who made my overalls when I was a wee lad. But, now I’m grown… and I think I want them back. Call it a quarter life crisis, but they’re kinda comfy and, on days I feel like being a little more revealing, are already a complete outfit. I’m sure you’ve seen adults wearing overalls around town, most notably women, society is set up for women’s fashion escapades to be more widely accepted… mostly because they’re under the heteronormative gaze of men who are trying to sleep with them? I don’t know,, but my question is, overalls; tres chic or no?

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Look how super cas (casual) they can be… Running late for class? Want to look cute, but no time to think. Throw some overalls on!

Meeting friends for lunch and they’re bringing a special somebody they might be trying to hook you up with? Don’t wanna look like you’re trying to hard? But, want to give off that, “I’m different” kind of vibe? Thrown on some overalls!

Helping a friend move and then going out for drinks? But, no time to change? Girl, you better throw on some overalls!



There are about a million different ways to wear them. So, what do you think, tres chic, or no?


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  1. Corduroy short overalls with black leggings and plaid flannel shirt with collar and cuffs that match the overalls would be great to see someone try this fall.


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