Sebastian’s Guide To HomoRomantic Netflix Films: All Yours

Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings

You know what time it is! Time for some movies that suffer from the same heteronormative plot lines. Woot woot! Not that we don’t enjoy them, but some variation is necessary for survival, for inclusion. And a great source for something different is…. Netflix! So, I typed my way over to Netflix and searched for an option and one movie’s title literally spoke to me, it was called, All Yours (you saw it? you saw what I did there?) Let me tell you all about it while it’s still fresh on my mind.

So, as you may or man not know, I try not to give too many details away about the film. i don’t want to ruin the experience for you. It’s like when you’re watching a movie with your Mom and you’re like, “Mom, can tell me what this is about, but don’t ruin it.” And then she goes an tells every detail of the movie and the real lives of the actors playing the characters…. and then you cry. I won’t do that to you!

All Yours

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So, here’s what you need to know: The movie focuses on Lucas, who is poor and has nobody int he world except his webcam followers, who seem to be focused on seeing him jerk off… fair enough. He’s desperate and poor so he asks his followers to send him money or a ticket somewhere (I feel like Ive been in a situation like this before…). Of course, someone bites and sends a ticket for Lucas to join their him. That person would be Henry, a man, most likely, twice the age of Lucas, who, right away, comes across as insecure…. This is headed for troubleeeeeeeeee…. I’ll skip the details, but Henry is controlling and in order for Lucas to stay with him, he makes him work in his bakery without pay aaaand, he makes him give up that D! To put it lightly, Lucas isn’t into it, but he doesn’t have very many options. Anyway, life goes on until these two lines are met by a third and they make a triangle… You see where this is going. I won’t give away anymore details, but I wills say there are many aspects of this film that many of us can relate to. Controlling partners in relationships which is often rooted in the fear of being alone, which makes the situation even more sad, because, suddenly you realize…. everyone is a victim in some way. It also made me think about a problem I’ve had for a little while now, which is being dependent on other people, it is the worst situation to be in. They always end up trying to control you and they hold the fact that you have nowhere else to go over you head. It’s not just strangers who do this, it’s friends, it’s family. If anyone knows they have a control over you, it seems they will exercise it, so don’t let that happen and don’t ever fear being alone, it’s better than being in the wrong company… Anyway, the movie is good, it will make you think, and it gives you hope.

Now, I know what you all are wondering… Is there nudity? Yes, the first two or three minutes of the film is filled with Dick; flaccid and erect. You see half a breast later int he film for about one minute. Some random partial nudity later (tons of butts) and then some dick, just in your face.. you’ll see.

All Yours

This is cool, this is giving me anxiety now, because I’ve been both people in this situation at some point in my life, this is so sad, I hope things work out, I can’t believe I behaved that way… Is this almost over?


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