c’est tres chic, no?: the cape/cloak

Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings


When I think of capes, the first thing that comes to mind are The Incredibles. If you’ve watched that movie, you understand the danger in wearing a cape… if you’re a super hero, which I am, but on my off days… I think its a good look.

cape I don’t like coats, I just don’t. They’re bulky, the sleeves bother me, I just can’t. The first 3 years I lived in New Jersey, I refused to wear a coat (this is not an exaggeration. But, the cape seems like the perfect solution. It just drapes over you, very lord-like.


I also get bored to pieces when everyone looks exactly the same. I don’t want to participate in that. i need some variation. So, tell me, what do you think, tres chic or no?


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