Inside The Green Room With Queer Performers: The Results

As someone who has performed in Theatre, Film, & The Queer Performance Scene, I have a lot of varied experience; Good, Bad, Annoying, and the like. But, I realized how privileged I was to have access to wonderful opportunities, press, contacts, etc and I was curious to know about the experience of others in similar performance fields. I’m always looking for help moving up the ladder and I wondered how could I be of use to others. Here is what I learned.





How would you like to expand your work?
Expansion of education in the performing arts for adults.
Have more pop-up public engagements.

I’d like to work in film/video as well as live performances

Be connected to more locations and network.

Explore further aspects of performance art.

I would like to see a greater variety of nerdlesque in the Philly area

Self produce

“Through a more accessible way to play with a varied group of musicians thereby gaining more inspiration creatively

I want the money to produce the type of theater that interests non-theater goers of this generation. I think I know what that is but I can’t yet afford to make it. ”

Get paid 100% of the time

I would like to do art with more of a focus on expression than its marketability.

I’d like a better avenue in producing my own work,mainly..I’d like to learn more about how to go about that and how to raise money and work a proper budget.

I would love to see more plus sized persons of non-conformity embraced by the larger theatre community.

Greater exposure across the country

I want to learn more about acting and finish the plays I’ve been writing.

I’d like to get cast more, I suppose

I would like to work more consistently.

I would like to branch out into other forms of performance. Currently I only do theatre work, but I would like to try my hand at burlesque and drag.

More work for women, more work for women between ages 35-65, dismantling the stereotypes that gay women must be masculine or uber feminine destroying the concept gays are ‘not right’ for traditional hetero roles

Create more opportunity for young, amateur artists.

Be paid to create work in mainstream institutions

I’d like to do more collaborative work with other types of performers

Do you ever feel taken advantage of as an artist?

Not usually.

Hahaha… Very often.

75% of the time

Sometimes. Mainly when I’m expected to perform for free.




No, because I don’t allow it anymore.



all the time



When I do an incredible amount of work for little pay, yes.

Yes. There are way too many people that write off real work by calling it “A way to get experience” or “exposure” and then totally take advantage of the situation.


All the time

Not really, no


Not particularly


I have worked with companies who are not considerate of an artist’s time, eg calling an actor a rehearsal where he/she is not needed.

Yes when asked to work for free or so low pay as to essentially be free. If the producing organization can’t offer a living wage to artists they need to rethink their model

Yes. Underpaid

Yes. I genearlly feel like I am filling a quota that the producer is trying to fill and if that “spot” has been filled then I’m passed over

What do you look for when considering paying money to see a queer performance? What would you like to see more of?

I look for pieces that encourage discussion and thought. I’d like to see more work rooted in history, perspectives, and cultural exchanges.

Either i know them and want to support the person and their work or it is within my very limited budget.

I look for actual talent. Not to be mean, but I spend a lot of time and money on my craft. Sometimes when I pay to see a show in the gayborhood I feel this not everyone holds themselves to the same caliber.

I look to see who’s performing or who’s involved. I might know them/know if I’m interested in what they usually put out. If it’s people I don’t know I might look them up. I like seeing performers I look up to. I like when a show is a little outside the box. I like to see diversity and I like supporting events that specifically feature people who don’t get the recognition they deserve.


More aerials and pole!

An engaging performance that provokes emotion and thought.

Quality, empowerment, community support. I’d like to see more racial diversity.

A novel idea. Informed execution.

Im yet to see drag in Austin that I was impressed by. What would impress me? Well higher quality outfit/costumes, better comedic material, and perhaps more examples of innovative drag – so not simply men dressed as women, women dressed as men, and the same for corresponding transgender drag – but perhaps more attention/commentary on a greater number of social and political subjects through the medium of drag.

I look for something that will be good, and also something that represents a variety of queer perspectives – that does not just mean the most radical of queer perspectives. The conservative ones, the oppressed ones, the edgy ones, the closeted ones, the old ones, the young ones. All queer perspectives are valid.

queer ballet

I consider the specific subject matter and its inclusivity. I’m less inclined to see drag performances, which seem to be the vast majority of queer performances in the area.

Diversity and a sense of community without going over the top with stereotypes to make straight people feel at ease about their own normalcy.
I like to support shows where I know artists are getting paid the industry standard. These are the shows I would like to see more of.

The only question I ask is “Is this performance worth what I’m paying for/Could I have watched an episode of I Love Lucy and been equally satisfied artistically?”

Quality, a great story, skill

I won’t forgive a bad performance just because it’s queer-related. I look for it to be about an experience that’s relateable to me, or about something I want to know more about. I tend to never pay more than $20 for theatre tickets. I want to see more self-produced experimental work that celebrate diverse body types and challenge the status-quo.

New plays, mostly, shows that are frank and open about topics

Gender bending and gay stories that don’t capitalize on the shtick of stereotypes or heavy-handed, over-sexualized “gay” humor.

When it comes to paying to see performances, my main concern is ticket price, which often feels like a double-edged sword; as an artist, I want to support my peers, but, as an artist, my funds are limited to do so.

Quality of the production and artists involved, not relying on ‘it’s queer so you have to support it!’ Mastery of the art comes first

I love genuine, honest performance. More opportunities for young people to explore pieces that explore sexual and gender identity.

Diversity of ethnicity, background, gender presentation. Intelligence.


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