Sebastian’s Challenge: I’m Enough

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to put a show together with only two weeks to  work with…. Yeah. Normally it takes months and months of preparation, considering I handle all aspects of press, music, choreography, etc. But it’s part of the challenge. Constraints and limitations often enhance creativity… so here I go!

I spent yesterday (Day 1) working on poster designs and sending out emails and press releases…. which was difficult, given the fact that I don’t know what the show is exactly…. But, I did what I could. I had to no time to sit and perfect, which often serves as a procrastination tool. I find that I have trouble finishing things, because “they’re not done” and this challenge forces me to arrive somewhere. Here’s what I came up with!



This morning, it was my challenge to get my music mix 75% done, because I can’t start rehearsing choreography if I don’t know what I’m working with. So, I woke up at 6:30am, ran 6 miles with my sister, came home and pushed through a process that often takes me days, in a matter of 2 hours or so…. I know. What surprised me, is that I really like the mix! I was afraid that with such a short time frame to work with, I wouldn’t be able to do something smart or something that really spoke to me…. but I did. I’m pretty much done with the mix, I really only need to worry about transitions…. which is fine. The important thing is, I can begin running numbers and with only 13 days to go…. that’s what I really need to be doing at this point. Hopefully later this evening I will be able to start that process. I’ll keep you informed. in the mean time, listen to the songs that inspired this project!



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