Sebastian’s Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday I realized how great this show would be, once I finished mixing the music. I’m super excited. I then thought how much rehearsal I would need to be confident enough to perform this the way it should be performed and my mind went numb…. Numb as in, it just stopped feeling, because I know it’s going to be very difficult in this short time frame, but it’s the only choice I can live with so it must happen. Last night I had to attend an event for a fringe show I am in that opens the day after my show (I know), so I figured it would be best for me to just get to sleep as early as possible and wake up as early as possible when no one else was awake, to start rehearsing choreography. So, I woke up at 3am this morning and started. I love moving, I love dancing, so as much as this is work, it’s also really fun for me! But, yes it is tiring as hell and I was worried that it was going to make me to tired to run my daily 6 miles with my sister, but I made it. I know my body needs more fuel than its been getting, I’ve been skipping breakfast a lot lately, because I’m so busy in the morning and for lunch I have a salad and some nuts and what not and I’ve been skipping dinner to just go to sleep…. I know, I should just eat. This morning my sister and I got some breakfast after our run, then I came back and rehearsed for 20 or so more minutes. I divided the show into 4 parts, the first part of the show is about 85% choreographed (of course I need much more practice, but that’s a good start. I’ve got so much work to do and I’m so excited to do it! It’s a privilege to be worried in this way! Gotta go… off to work now!


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