InstaFinds: Gaga Super Bowl Edition

Super Bowl 51 happened. I have no idea who played, let alone who won. But, I know who performed! Our girl, Gags! (not a typo… anyone get the reference). I wouldn’t call myself a Lady Gaga stan, but I have been rooting for her over the years and when I heard homegirl, was doing the Super Bowl, I knew she wa’ gon’ come tru’. It would be pointless for me to write a review, because what does my limited opinion of, what I’m sure was the most thought out, rehearsed night of this very talented woman’s career. But, I won’t let that stop me from sharing the InstaFinds!

Gaga came to do the thing! Looking as stunning as ever!

I love that she flew in! Considering the amount of insurance necessary to pull this off, I wouldn’t have thought the NFL would have allowed it, but they did and she pulled it off flawlessly!

But, ya’ll know damn well, The Gram is petty as fuck.

😂😂😂 #gaga #crazy #stalker #me

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Ya’ll know ya’ll need to stop!

Say what you want, but people felt inspired by her performance!

Lady Gaga Reminds The World At The Super Bowl @ladygaga Sharon Jones Of The Dap-Kings Sung About It❤️💔🎼👠 So Much Happening Checkout My Blog On Instagram Rainbow Blak Celebrating The Best In Music,Creativity,Music Producers, Art Etc 📸🎵🎭🎨 Rainbow Blak Taking Micro Blogging To A Whole New Level:Lookout For More Great Features:Thanku For Supporting My Blog 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️#instagramers Rainbow Blak:The Brainchild Behind Rainbow Blak No Team Just Me & My Creativity.The Struggle Is Real 🎓 Blog With Teeth:Rainbow Blak Str8 Outta London Bloggologist Since 2008 Creative Visionary Rainbow Blak.Support This Rainbow Blak Undiscovered Artist, Bloggologist, Social Commentator, Certified Music Junkie, Photographer, Writer, Amateur Film Maker & Creative Therapist ❤️ New Mind Candy Follow Rainbow Blak On Instagram For Something That Looks Like Mind Candy. Thanku To Everybody For The ❤️ So Far. Follow Rainbow Blak On Twitter. #writers #superbowl #america #musicjunkie #music #women #creative #rainbowblak #london #art #bloggerlife #streetart #blackhistorymonth #london #urbanartist #blackhistory #arts #fashion #hamiltonmusical #womensmarchonwashington #potus #aca #obamacare #ladygaga #sharonjones #america #trumpmemes

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She performed most of her hits, a lot of which people had apparently forgotten about…


Some seemed to be dissappointed that Super Bowl Halftime Show resident artist, Beyoncé, didn’t make an appearance.

Yesssss @b.k.hive you're rightttt #beyhive #superbowl51 @beyonce #telephone

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I personally thought, she killed it. She didn’t miss a beat, her vocals were on point. Props, Gaga. Props.

I say, Congratulations to you Gaga! What an accomplishment! But, you know The Gram is petty as fuck!


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