Modish Man: Redressing The Mannequin – Jumpsuits


It’s about time that we rip men’s fashion at the seams. As the idea of “dressing your gender” slowly bleeds away, people with penises, particularly in the United States, are beginning to have a fashion uprising. Fuck your rigid idea of masculinity, that suggests I have limited pool of clothing styles to pull from, when it comes to expressing myself through fashion.  The modern day hipster is the steppingstone to a new world of fashion for male bodies.

Today, I’d like to examine the Jumpsuit. To simplify things, I’m including rompers in this round up.

I personally love the idea of being stylish, and yet only wearing one article of clothing. The simplicity of the jumpsuit, especially when fitted and styled seems especially fresh, because it’s something men weren’t being offered for some time and I think in the back of the minds of men everywhere was a tinge of jealousy. We haven’t had this opportunity since we were children, for the most part. But, now we are grown and sexy and are wardrobe just expanded.

The simplicity of the jumpsuit makes it easily casual or dressed up, depending on your choice of shoes and accessories. You can wear these for almost any occasion.


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Feeling more leisurely?  We’ve still got you covered.

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Which is your favorite?


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