InstaFinds: Mens Fashion


Say what you want about the narcissism associated with Instagram, but if you’re looking for inspiration of any kind, you can find it there. I’m feeling a bit inspired to further explore my personal style. Maybe you will too….

I don’t see enough deep Vs or swoop necks. Add this to your wardrobe!

I’m really starting to get into this whole Athleisure thing… I mean you can look good and be comfortable? Since when?


That jacket is really doing it for me. And the socks, I wouldn’t think to do this, but it looks great!

I love when your eye adjusts and a look that would have seemed odd before doesn't seem so odd now, Milan @serdarlondon

A post shared by Scott Schuman (@thesartorialist) on

Turtlenecks aren’t just for hiding hickeys…

Nice outfit, also, let’s all move to the Castro?



Yes, you better crop that top!

Wednesday vibes @nieuwjurk #nieuwjurk šŸšø

A post shared by George Alvin III (@georgealvinnyc) on


šŸ‘| photog: @drvco

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This is everything


What do you think? Share your InstaFinds with us!


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