InstaFinds: Mens Fashion

Instafinds sebastian cummings mens fashion instagram style


Say what you want about the narcissism associated with Instagram, but if you’re looking for inspiration of any kind, you can find it there. I’m feeling a bit inspired to further explore my personal style. Maybe you will too….

I don’t see enough deep Vs or swoop necks. Add this to your wardrobe!

I’m really starting to get into this whole Athleisure thing… I mean you can look good and be comfortable? Since when?


That jacket is really doing it for me. And the socks, I wouldn’t think to do this, but it looks great!

Turtlenecks aren’t just for hiding hickeys…

Nice outfit, also, let’s all move to the Castro?



Yes, you better crop that top!

Wednesday vibes @nieuwjurk #nieuwjurk šŸšø

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šŸ‘| photog: @drvco

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This is everything


What do you think? Share your InstaFinds with us!


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