Who You Gonna Run To???

sebastian cummings who you gonna run to song

A made song when I returned to Mexico back in September…

I’ve been doing this wrong for years

Running from myself and acting out of fear

I drowned my problems in other persons

hoping I’d get better, oh no, I only worsened

I blamed the world for all of my trouble,

my father, my mother, my sister, my brother

“maybe I’ll be okay, when I become coupled”

New pair of eyes on me, my anxiety doubled.

Who you gonna run to?

I was Rebecca Bunchin’

“I was moving to West Covina for a new job”

Trick, no you fucking wasn’t

It took traveling across this world to change my life state,

time ain’t on your mind punk, so get your life straight.

I was iratin’, now I’m gyratin’

making all this money on these hoes, I ain’t playin’

I was living in a bubble

Popped that bad boy, now my confidence doubled.

Who you gonna run to???


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