Living My Best Life

happy new year Sebastian Cummings

The other day, I was speaking with a student of mine who wanted to know about my life, and so I told them. And for the first time in a while, I heard myself… and I couldn’t believe the life I was describing is that of my own. Last year, I…

Stayed at a Nude Resort at a Nude Beach

oaxaca mexico nude beach heaven happy new yearCan you imagine? Just 5 years ago, the idea of going to a nude beach would have scared the shit out of me. But, this year, I threw all fucks to the wind… and clothes. I went to Zipolite, a nude beach in Oaxaca. It’s everything you would imagine it to be; a beach with naked people. The surprising thing, was how normal being naked became. In fact, it was odd when people were clothed! There was a silent bonding experience that everyone experienced and it was one of the most rewarding adventures of my life.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it immensely.

oaxaca mexico nude beach heaven happy new year






I Took a German Language Course!

Berlin german language course

While in Berlin, I took a German language course! I think everyone is under the assumption that German is one of the most difficult languages, and fuck, everyone is right. This shit is off the charts. I honestly think they purposefully made German a difficult language so others wouldn’t bother learning it, and German’s could easily avoid speaking to any and everyone else. But, I digress. The class was rewarding, because I learned so much and I met these crazy weirdos from all over the world.

I Attended The International Summer School Of Physical Theatre!

I already made a post about this experience, but it’s worth mentioning again. I traveled alone, to a country I have never been, where the native language is not my own, to meet 11 other people, from 10 other countries, and with 10 other languages… for THEATRE! This was, hands down, the best time I have ever had, working on Theatre. Was it easy? No. 12 hours days of physical theatre training, c’mon. Was it rewarding? Fuck yeah, it changed my life.


I Performed at The Stud!

The Stud: one of the most well known Gay Establishments in The US of A. I had been there a million times and after year of not performing, I got the chance to run up on that stage and do the damn thing…. So, I did.

I Lived In Mexico!

Mexico City Roma Norte

That’s right! I wasn’t just going to nude beaches, I straight up lived in Mexico. I hopped on a plane, by myself and landed in a country I had never been, where I was not very confident or knowledgeable of the language. But, guess what? I learned, mother fucker! For me, this is major! Growing up, I was so shy and so afraid to do things on my own… and look at me now! I’m unstoppable. Next year, I will be visiting new planets for the first time, who knows. I hear there are aliens out there to meet….

I Saw This Video….

What a year! And this is just the stuff I could post online, there’s so much more I could tell you…. trust me!


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