Reality ft Anil Seth

Your mind is a prediction engine, seeing mostly what it expects to see. So, What IS Reality? "We're all hallucinating all the time, including right now. It's just when we agree about our hallucinations, we call them reality." -Anil Seth


Instafinds: Friendship Goals    

Day One. Done.

Every now and then I take Rihanna's advice and shine bright like a diamond. I was conditioned early on to be fearful of being my most talented, expressive, intelligent, humorous self, because it often invited negative attention from others who wanted to prove I wasn't "all that" even though I didn't care one way or [...]


Facebook, itself, is just a website, but add the people of today and the fact that it has become a stream of consciousness for people drowning in insecurities, fears, assumptions, ignorance, and the like ... well, then it becomes a nightmare. So, I took some notes from the book of faces and shared with you, [...]

Living My Best Life

happy new year Sebastian Cummings

The other day, I was speaking with a student of mine who wanted to know about my life, and so I told them. And for the first time in a while, I heard myself... and I couldn't believe the life I was describing is that of my own. Last year, I... Stayed at a Nude [...]