InstaFinds: Freaky Friday

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May all your freaky dreams come true today. I believe in your crazy ass. There is no such thing as ugly... just lazy DRESS DOWN FOR WHAT? That's why you gotta pregame. Get all the dick you can before they ban that shit too... Oh, it's like that? Sometimes you [...]


Netflix & Chill: Chewing Gum

From your career in social media, it's clear to me that you need to refresh the browser that is your sense of humor. Why not breathe in some fresh comedy from across the pond? There are plenty of talented people in the world who don't appear on American television. I know... you don't have the [...]

Gay America: Sex Sells

I'm about 55 hours away from the end of my Kickstarter campaign and I'm currently being showered with love... Time will tell whether that love will also be accompanied by $$$$ During this process, I've been approached by a number of people who have told me I should try doing something more in the vein [...]

watch out

So, today I had a mini photoshoot for both Candence watches and for Plugged Inn: An Electric Cabaret. We shot at Penn Treaty Park. The fog was beautiful and added something special to each shot, as did the cold. I have to admit, for a while during the shoot i felt insane. I am still [...]