Inside The Green Room with Sean Lynch

College allows one the unique life experience of being surrounded by your friends and peers in a setting filled with learning, growing, and having fun. And much of your learning, growing, and having fun will be with those students you share a major with, especially if you're a Theatre Arts major. Over the years, you grow [...]


Inside The Green Room With Nik Hampshire

Sebastian Cummings The internet allows us the opportunity to come across people we might otherwise have never known. Living in a little, big city like Philadelphia, it's easy to cross paths with what feels like every artist in town, and then there's the occasional person who seems to know everyone you know, frequent places you [...]

Inside The Green Room With Theo Langason

Sebastian Cummings Last night I called my sister. We haven't been speaking very much lately, for a number of reasons. I called her because I realized, I'm not good at relationships. I don't know how to have a proper relationship with anyone, not even my siblings. I try. But, I don't know what I'm doing. [...]

Inside The Green Room With Dinah Sore

It often amazes me how traditional the theatre can be, I mean an art-form rooted in "the suspension of disbelief," so often can't come up with creative ways to include the LGBTQ community, non whites, and those with disabilities on a regular basis. Of course, there are exceptions, but clearly not enough. So, while the [...]