Inside The Green Room With Ricky Paul: Dumpsta Players Edition

Sebastian Cummings Off the wall. Queer. Out the box. Wacky. Wild. Raw. That's The Dumpsta Players. Since the 90's, this company has been producing monthly theatre experiences that feel a lot like a genderfucked sketch comedy show on acid. They've got their own style; Dumpsta. They reach in their bag and recycle costumes,actors, and characters [...]


Getting Things Started

I recently performed at The Balcony Bar Buffet, a fundraiser for the Phreak N Queer Arts & Music Festival.  I had less rehearsal time this go round and new material, so I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous.  I was also wearing wedges on a rug/carpet covered stage. (dangerous/twist [...]