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InstaFinds: Mens Fashion

  Say what you want about the narcissism associated with Instagram, but if you’re looking for inspiration of any kind, you can find it there. I’m feeling a bit inspired to further explore my personal style. Maybe you… Read More

Modish Man: Redressing The Mannequin – Jumpsuits

It’s about time that we rip men’s fashion at the seams. As the idea of “dressing your gender” slowly bleeds away, people with penises, particularly in the United States, are beginning to have a fashion uprising. Fuck your… Read More

The Reluctant Sartorialist

For the majority of my existence on this planet, my perception of fashion has been pervaded with judgments of pretentiousness, sexism, classism, and often, inherent racism. Yet, now it seems the less I take judgments from the outside… Read More

c’est tres chic, no?: the cape/cloak

Sebastian Cummings When I think of capes, the first thing that comes to mind are The Incredibles. If you’ve watched that movie, you understand the danger in wearing a cape… if you’re a super hero, which I am,… Read More

c’est tres chic, no?: overalls for men

Sebastian Cummings OshKosh B’gosh… remember them? That’s who made my overalls when I was a wee lad. But, now I’m grown… and I think I want them back. Call it a quarter life crisis, but they’re kinda comfy… Read More