Sebastian’s Video Challenge – All Night Long

Sebastian's Video Challenge - All Night Long


Sebastian’s Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday I realized how great this show would be, once I finished mixing the music. I'm super excited. I then thought how much rehearsal I would need to be confident enough to perform this the way it should be performed and my mind went numb.... Numb as in, it just stopped feeling, because I know [...]

Sebastian’s Challenge: I’m Enough

So, I've decided to challenge myself to put a show together with only two weeks to  work with.... Yeah. Normally it takes months and months of preparation, considering I handle all aspects of press, music, choreography, etc. But it's part of the challenge. Constraints and limitations often enhance creativity... so here I go! I spent [...]

I’m Enough: The Challenge

Earlier this summer, Sebastian challenged himself to create a song a day for 9 days, in usually under 2 hours. The products of this challenge motivated him to create yet another challenge; put together a live, one person show in just 2 weeks.... and this is it! A one person, conceptual, multimedia, theatrical concert, IM [...]